1. S

    Lua script property with OBS_TEXT_INFO not updating properly

    I'm writing a Lua script and attempting to add an informational text label to my script properties using a text property with the text type "OBS_TEXT_INFO", which I think is fairly new (maybe added in v28?). The property add looks like this: local p_info_text = obs.obs_properties_add_text(props...
  2. HisZd

    Lua Filter Source Can't Get Parent Sceneitem

    I am trying to create a filter source that manipulates the parent sceneitem's visibility using timers. I have successfully retrieved the parent source and scene, but when I try and use obs_scene_sceneitem_from_source(scene, source) I just get nil. I will attach my script, but it is VERY messy...
  3. LukasTycho

    Is there an event when connecting a monitor? (Scripting)

    Hi, I'm using OBS as a "Video Switcher" with a big screen. I'm using a Fullscreen Projector for this. I have a small script that autostarts the projector when OBS is started, which works fine if the screen is turned on. If the screen is off, it is not detected as a monitor in Windows and...
  4. KnightNine

    How can i get a script to save each frame's video data to a file every frame?

    So i'm completely new to lua and the OBS API but i want to have a script save the video output to a jpeg every frame, i'm aware that there's a "singlejpeg" output in the recording settings but since obs doesn't let me open that jpeg while it's being written over; so i can't read it from any...