obs version 28

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    Does OBS version 28.1.2 support NVIDIA GeForce GTX chip?

    When OBS first updated to version 28, I let it update, but was unable to stream because my graphics card was not supported. It is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX. I had to back up my scenes and settings and revert back to version 27. I don't want to have to do that again. I keep getting prompts to update...
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    Droidcam not working with OBS 28.0

    Hello everyone, I have recently updated my obs to 28.0 I use driod cam on an android phone as a webcam for zoom calls. Ever since the update, droid cam seems to have stopped working. The existing video source became blank (pls ref to the img viz "Video Source") I have deleted the existing...
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    someone please tell me that im not the only one having this issue after the obs 28 update