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    My OBS Studio keeps crashing while streaming.. This message shows up: Unknown exception (0x80000003) (c:\program files\obs-studio\bin\64bit\lua51.dll)

    This is the last 2 crash logs: Unknown exception (0x80000003) in the program 0x00007FFEBD8736C2 Would really appreciate help, very frustrating...
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    Question / Help OBS Studio crashes when I hit record

    Hey guys, I've been using obs studio for a while now and nothing bad has happened until recently. I havent made any hardware changes other than testing out some ram I bought and I've updated my graphics drivers to the latest version. So Im not sure why recently I just couldnt record anything...
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    Question / Help "Whoops! OBS has Crashed" When I click start streaming or start recording

    So recently I updated my rx580 drivers and after they were finished, i go onto obs to start up my stream, and i get the error message, "Whoops! OBS has crashed" when i click start streaming. I don't know what to do now because my obs is updated and my gpu drivers are updated and that is what all...
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    Bug Report OBS Studio crashing when loading Waveshell VST plugin as audio filter on Mic

    Hey! I've been trying to get the Waves VST Plugins to work on OBS and I've encountered a consistent crash when trying to load it as a Filter. 1. Open OBS 2. Add Mic/Aux to mixer 3. Go to Filters on Mic/Aux 4. Right click > add > VST 2.x plugin 5. Select Waveshell from plugin list 6. Observe...
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    Question / Help OBS crash in Streams

    Hi, i was streaming today, and after about 30min it crashed. I post crashlog and latest log.
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    Bug Report OBS Crashes Mid Stream

    Recently I have been streaming through OBS and I have had no problems but it has led to Crashing mid stream along with the rest of my open apps crashing. I do not understand why or how, and I was hoping that you could help me fix this or a way around it.
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    Question / Help Woops OBS has crashed...

    Hello, I'm new to OBS and streaming, i found OBS true the Twitch website. Tried everything but i can't open it. Google didn't help.. I'll send the crash reports Thanks
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    Question / Help OBS crashed every time i launch it in Windows 10

    Hi, I am unable to launch OBS in Windows 10. I have been using it without any problem for several months. However recently when i tried to launch i have been getting the below mentioned errors. I have tried all the tricks available on the internet and have still not been able to figure out a...
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    Question / Help Constant Crashing

    OBS crashes during my live streams numerous times. Here's the pastepin crash report. Would really appreciate any help. Thanks https://pastebin.com/eRirtNQN
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    Question / Help OBS crash when I modify, quit or start stream

    Hi, OBS crash everytime I want to do something like start stream, rename scene, exit,... I've try to reinstall it, restart the computer, close all the other program, run as admin. I don't see what else to do. Here are the last log and crash log: https://hastebin.com/ihipoyihab...
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    Question / Help obs studio crashing games while streaming. only seems to crash when i click on obs?

    if you guys could maybe help me in anyway that would be fantastic. i can run obs all day while streaming perfectly, but for some reason when i minimize my game and i click anywhere on obs ( on my second monitor ) it crashes my game every time. i'm not sure if these logs will show anything...