obs studio 25

  1. X

    Download speed overload when streaming?

    Hi, lately i can not stream for nothing in the world. Ive had my isp come check signals, i had them rewired my house, new modem , new pc. The works and i still have this problem where my download speed will randomly spike so high that it makes my modem crash when i stream. Only things that are...
  2. N

    Desktop audio is extremely low and audio monitoring doesn't work

    I'm entirely new to OBS and I'm testing the settings with videos. I've set it to optimise for recording, not streaming. I'm on Windows 10 and have turned off audio ducking, stopped applications from taking control and messed with the decibel meter in the mixer. I can turn the decibels up but...
  3. Z


    Hey guys, i need some help. I'm using 2 computers, pc I to gaming and pc II just to stream. So, the gaming pc just send a preview to the other PC that runs the stream to twitch. My problem: when i play (csgo, valorant, league of legends, pubg) without OBS open, games dont crash, no problem at...
  4. Jaypoc

    Question / Help Can hotkeys be assigned to Scene Transitions drop-down options?

    Is there a way to assign hotkeys to the transition selection? I'm programming my Stream Deck which can call any keyboard hotkeys, or select and transition to a particular scene in OBS Studio. The workflow I'm looking to achieve is to assign buttons/hotkeys on the Stream Deck to CUT, FADE...
  5. D

    Question / Help Question. NDI source from skype is not visible in OBS studio (windows)

    Hi, I´m trying to include a NDI source from Skype. OBS recognize the NDI source but when I accept it, is not visible in the screen. I installed NDI tools and NDI runtime. Maybe, I´m doing something wrong, but I don´t know. Please, some advice o tricks?
  6. K

    Bug Report Minecraft and browser window capture make cursor invisible in minecraft

    Hello, A while ago i made a post where i asked why my cursor was invisible when obs was active. Today i found out when it goes invisible. I have a browser window capture that shows when i have soundcloud open, but whenever i turn on that window capture the cursor goes invisible in minecraft and...
  7. D

    What are you fellers using for Customer Browser Docks?

    Currently, I just have a picture of my stupid fucking smug face. Looking for ideas to benefit my streaming ability. Or maybe just something cool.