1. S

    Stream Chat Integration Plugin

    I would like to have a plugin that lets me integrate stream chat in to OBS as a side source Widget. I'm not talking about chat overlays, I'm talking about an actual integrated chat window widget that can be added to OBS as a plugin like what StreamLabs OBS has. "Then why not just use SLOBS?"...
  2. Ted_Appleseed_Liu

    OBSTimeBud for Mac - Display Current Time 1.0 Beta 1

    You've probably heard and used some of the date/time plugins for OBS on Windows, like Snaz. There's plenty of options for Windows. However, if I wasn't wrong, there's currently no any OBS plugin for macOS that can help us to display some information like current time in our livestream...
  3. T

    Question / Help Required module function 'obs_module_load' in module '../../obs-plugins/64bit/libcef.dll' not found

    Hello from Paris France Here is the latest log from OBS studio - Seems to have a routing issue has the "missing" files are present indeed in the folder Can you help ? log file is here: https://hastebin.com/awuwejefaj extract 16:01:44.879: Required module function 'obs_module_load' in module...