obs not launching

  1. L

    Crashing OBS when launched

    Hey I need some help, after crashing I can't seem to launch OBS anymore. Thank you in advance!
  2. S

    OBS not working after update

    Hi, So I updated OBS today and now it won't launch at all. When I try I just get an error message saying it's crashed and do I want a copy of the crash report. I've tried following %appdata%\obs-studio and deleting the directory but it still doesn't open at all. I've also tried running it as...
  3. P

    OBS not opening in win 10

    I had trouble with black screen in obs so I tried some ways to fix it including administrator option The problem for me was my labtop`s GPU don`t fit well and I solved black screen error with graphic settings **NOW suddenly obs is not launching I can see obs in task manager like 3...
  4. 86ul

    OBS will not launch

    Hello, Today I installed OBS on a up tot date Mint 20. After first use, I can not launch OBS any more. Even going back with TimeShift 'to yesterday' and reinstalling, it will not launch anymore. After creating run_obs_studio.sh with only LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 as text and running it in...
  5. M

    obs not launching after initial opening

    hi guys i have a friend that is having issues with OBS not relaunching after initial startup and closing. she has tried uninstalling and installing and to still no avail. when relaunched there is no warning message or and it’s not in the background in task manager. any ideas as to what the...

    Question / Help OBS wont launch on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

    Hello, I am new to this forum, however I have searched through the forum and other sources to look for a solution for my problem with no success. For the last couple of days I am unable to launch OBS. I have tried uninstalling, re-installing, removed the repository, removed ffmpeg and auto...
  7. B

    Question / Help OBS not launching.

    So, it first started happening when I was trying to record a game, but OBS couldn't capture the gameplay, only audio. I tried other methods, and nothing worked. I tried reinstalling and still no hope. Then I made matters worse and deleted any file I could find associated with OBS; perhaps, I...