obs live problem

  1. A

    Dj controller + Streamelements OBS

    Hi to All, - from Pioneer Dj controller to input (microphone) Desktop Pc = sound is excellent (tested, with other devices too, no problems with cables) - from Desktop Pc input (microphone) to Desktop Pc (speakers) = sound is excellent (tested, if I plug a DJ headphone, the sound is great) -...
  2. Z

    Me ajuda

    Não consigo fazer livestream!
  3. flynngurung

    OBS not livestreaming and still runs in background

    I want to live stream for like say 5 hours but the OBS stops livestreaming after 2 hours (If LUCKY) or within 50 mins. Then I close the app but the app is shown in the task manager and won't open when try. So, I have to end task in TASK MANAGER and then only open the app. But still the problem...
  4. S

    Question / Help live streaming pixellation

    Hi and for almost 4 years I have used obs to record my videos. But or always a problem with live streaming on YouTube. When I see the live on my channel, I see that even if it is of high quality, you can see the screen all pixelated with a horrible quality, inaccessible to me. Just to know that...