obs lags pc

  1. hafner

    Question / Help When OBS launched, after a while they start to lag games

    After the launch of OBS, some time passes and the game starts to lag, for example, Division 2, Dayz, I thought that the whole thing in the meetings I created new ones, it seems to be better, but then again lags began to appear fps drops to 20 frames, maybe someone also faced the same problem...
  2. C

    Question / Help Ingame freeze

    The problem concerns only for CS:GO. When im streaming the game on max quality I don't have a smooth image in game. Monitor 144 hz and it feels like 60hz, Because when i starting to stream , var in csgo rising up to 1-1.5 thats why i see ingame freezes. PC specs: i7-8700, RTX 2070, memory 16gb
  3. H

    Question / Help OBS Studio lagging NO STREAMING (both program itself and entire system, PC unusable)

    Hey lovely people, I ran into the strangest problem today. While researching why my display capture would break every stream for no apparent reason, I somehow managed to make the issue worse, and having OBS open now lags out my entire system. All sources in OBS lags, and using my computer...