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  1. TioEcarus

    AYUDA/HELP - OBS Browser

    Spanish: Tengo el problema en el OBS que pongo en la sesión de agregar una escena "Navegador" le doy y no me aparece el tema de OBS-SOFT, yo pongo mis alertas y cuando las reproduzco no aparecen. English: I have the problem in the OBS that I put in the session to add a scene "Browser" I give it...
  2. JayP33

    Question / Help OBS-Browser in v24 breaks local JS fetches

    I've been writing html pages for custom overlays that fetches the contents from local text files using JS fetch in a local file html. async function interval() { let var = await fetch('../TextFile.txt'); var = await var.text(); } This was working fine until the latest version...
  3. P

    Question / Help HTML Local File Not Displaying Image in Container

    Hey everyone I have a HTML file that I created for OBS to display and image periodically, but the image doesn't seem to display. It works fine on Chrome, but just not in OBS. I have attached what shows up in OBS. BTW, I am not a developer and have limited knowledge in HTML, so please don't...