obs audio problem

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    Weird audio bug?

    Hello. I was hoping to find some answers to a problem I have run into regarding the way obs captures audio. I use obs very frequently whether it be streaming, recording, etc. And I have always used the default settings when it comes to recording sources of audio. I use the Desktop Audio Default...
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    Elgato HD60S Audio not showing in OBS

    Hi All I've been having consistent issues with my audio not showing up or not being able to hear the playback, sometimes it works through OBS and other times when starting it up I get nothing. Through the Elgato software I can hear it so I don't think it can be the Elgato itself as the problem...
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    Audio mixer problem?

    오디오 믹서에 데스크탑 오디오를 추가했습니다. 그러나 헤드폰에서 컴퓨터 소리를 들을 수 있지만 데스크탑 오디오의 볼륨 막대에는 나타나지 않습니다. 그래서 이어폰으로 바꿨더니 볼륨바가 나옵니다. 하지만 이번에는 다시 영상 속 소리를 들을 수 없었다. OBS 프로그램에 문제가 있는 건가요 아니면 잘못 설정한 건가요? 수정하세요.
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    OBS Did Not Record Mic Audio

    I had an issue a couple days ago where I had recorded a long video in three parts while talking to friends on Discord. I have it setup to record on two tracks, one for game and discord audio and the other for my mic. The first video recorded everything correctly as did the third. However...
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    I can't Hear my microphone audio on mobile (on stream or during videos) but i can hear my mic fine on everything else

    So i have ran into this problem for the past few months where during streams and posting YouTube videos i will check my stream on PC, everything sounds fine, on console, everything is fine but if i go onto my twitch app and check my stream i can hear game play but not my microphone audio. The...
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    Why does OBS not record my audio sometimes???

    So I have this really just disheartening problem where sometimes my audio will just not be recorded by OBS. When I look at the mic input, I can see movement, meaning it's picking up my voice, but when the video is finished, and when I go to watch it, there is only game sound. And then I'll go to...