obs 22.0.3

  1. P

    Obs Browser CSS Problems with loading

    Hi I have problems with loading obs browser CSS code. I see in the log that I get some errors: obs-browser: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'appendChild' of null (source: www.example.com:1) I see that OBS load CSS code after 1-2 Minutes. How can I fix that problem, to load faster CSS...
  2. S

    Question / Help Audio pops/glitches while recording

    So, I've been recording some Geometry Dash lately, and I've noticed that the audio pops and glitches at an extreme scale. It's extremely unbearable and I want it to stop. I've messed around with settings, looking at other forums, running OBS as admin, etc. It also appears as if the bass in the...
  3. B

    Question / Help Im dropping frames no matter what i do

    ive tried so many things diff encoders high low bitrates i drop frames even at 1000kbps and 720p like wtf
  4. Tomukashi

    Question / Help OBS Game serious lag problem

    Every time I start OBS (just start programme not the stream or recording) with any game it takes so many fps in game. Please note that with started stream or recording it's even worse. For example CSGO: Benchmark without started obs: 230fps (it's stable 200-400) Benchmark with started obs...
  5. Scoopta

    Question / Help IPv6 Unable to connect

    I have an IPv6 only network and whenever I try to stream to youtube I get a message saying failed to connect to server. Youtube's RTMP servers are v6 capable and even if they weren't I have NAT64 on my network. In the terminal I'm running OBS from I get the following messages. My OBS version is...
  6. G

    Bug Report Third Party VST's crash OBS on Mac

    Hey guys, OBS crashes when I'm using 3rd party vst plugins. It mainly when I exit out of the 3rd part vst window. It happens with a variety of plugin brands. I'm not to familiar with the log process so I have incised to log links Here is the log with OBS crashed...