obs 21.1.0

  1. E

    OBS Donma Sorunu

    Videoyu sorunsuz bir şekilde donmadan kayıt altına alıyorum fakat videoyu izlediğimde aşırı takıldığını görüyorum yardım eder misiniz ?
  2. G

    Plugins not appearing in OBS after installation

    I feel like plugin installation really isnt complicated, and yet somehow I can't get either Visualizer or Shader Filter (or Shader Filter + for that matter) to work. I've looked up several help threads but almost everyone who had this issue in those posts either downloaded source code mistakenly...
  3. dactel

    Question / Help (Expired) OBS Lags game even when not streaming/recording

    **Windows 7** I've had this problem since forever, I usually can get up to 100+ fps on Minecraft normally, but even when I open OBS it shrinks down to 5-25 fps. I've followed all the tutorials, read some threads here, and tried to experiment with it on my own. the most fps I've gotten to is...