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    Video setting "PAL"

    When the video setting is set to FPS 25 PAL the video is not in 25 fps PAL but in NTFC
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    Question / Help 59.94 vs 60 / 29.97 vs 30 fps

    Since the NTSC standard is 59.94 fps or 29.97 fps, should I really set my fps of my sources and output to the NTSC standard? For example my current setup is: Sources: -Logitech C920 webcam capturing at 29.97 NTSC fps -Elgato HD60pro capturing at 59.94 NTSC fps OBS: Video settings: Base res...
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    Question / Help Capturing VHS only black and white

    Hey, I know this is probably not the most interesting problem to you guys, but I am trying to capture old VHS home videos. So, I got one of those capture sticks (CSL USB 2.0 Grabber) and my dads old VCR (Panasonic NV-FJ615) hooked up to my computer. When I configure OBS I don't get a picture...