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    Randomly stops recording, doesnt save.

    I'm new to OBS and have had this problem every time I've tried to record with it. I will hit record, check that it's capturing my game (ts4) and then play the game. After playing for a couple of hours, I come back, and it's not recording, there's no indication of why it stopped or when, and the...
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    Problem applying and saving video output settings.

    Hello! Could someone help me with a problem I'm having on OBS? I changed my Kbps on the video output just to test something, but now when I change kbps (or anything else on the video output) and click "apply" and then "ok", the settings don't save, and apparently, these problems only happen in...
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    OBS not saving my output and input settings

    Whenever I open OBS I have to go to my desktop audio and chose a device to capture the audio. I have to do this to my microphone settings as well. Is there anyway to fix this? It's just annoying. (I'm on OBS version 25.0.8 64 bit Windows 10)