no sound on stream

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    Hi if anyone can help me the way my brain is fried. Im running OBS on Mac trying to stream games off my PS5 I have the HD60S, Chat Pro Link, Arctic wireless headphones, and another microphone to speak to my viewers. I can hear all the sounds when I have no headset plugged in but the minute I...
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    No volume

    Hi, I recently got a capture card so I can stream to twitch from my PS4. I have set up the whole system but the sound from my PlayStation does not come to obs or in any streams/vids I've recorded.
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    OBS has monitor sound but no sound coming out of stream

    Here's the current log file: Good day! I'm fairly new to the community. I'm trying to go live right now but it seems that there's no audio coming out of my stream. I have my Elgato HD60 S+ on Monitor and Output (So I can hear my game sound), but no...