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    OBS Doesn't Show Properties on Output>Advance>Streaming>No properties available, PLEASE HELP

    OBS do not show the extra properties on the advance setting on tab "Output" PLEASE HELP. (LOG FILE:
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    macOS Big Sur 11.2.3 - "No properties available" Display Capture.

    Hey yall, As the title reads, I've been unable to set a display capture - the goal is to Livestream and have 1/2 the screen showing my face, the other half showing my desktop where I'll be going over PDFs and scholarly literature. Any help would be greatly appreciated. FWIW, I'm using an...
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    VLC Video source, no properties available!

    Hi, I'm using the official obs studio pma or something like this. At the start it didn't even have vlc Video source after I installed the libvlc the vlc Video source was there but when I want to add properties there's nothing! Only a text view with "No properties available". I really need help
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    Webcam won't change exposure settings in OBS

    I'm using OBS with a new Webcam I just got (DUXO WebCam-x13 1080p USB). I started a new scene and my face was very white/bright so obviously I need to change my exposure settings. So I go and right click on my webcam source and go to Properties and then I click 'Configure Video'. The...
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    Webcam properties not ajustable

    My webcam has auto exposure. I simply got annoyed by that and i decided to turn off the auto exposure. i clicked apply and OK, it does nothing. I tried to change the brightness, contrast and everthing - still doesn't changing anything! It just stuck there forever!
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    No properties available whith x264 encoder

    When i want to stream and select the x264 encoder, there are no propperties available. Lob file: I have a ryzen 9 3900x and a 1030 because i couldn't buy the 3080.
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    Question / Help Display Capture Not Working (No Properties Unavailable)

    I've started using OBS for not a long time. I just updated my macOS and when I checked my OBS, my display capture was black. When I clicked properties, it says "no properties available." I would like to know how to fix it. I'm also new to OBS so I would like a easy tutorial. Thank you!