no connection to server

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    OBS randomly losing connection

    middle of stream dipped to 0/kbs, clicks stop streaming to restart it, clicks start stream and it crashes, after restarting I come back with no sound at all
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    Question / Help 0 kb/s always

    I hope you can help me with this, I used to stream normally on YouTube, I did not have any problem, however, when I updated to the latest version (25.0.8) when I started transmitting, my signal always went down to 0kb, sometimes it went up a little more, however it is very unstable to make a...
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    Question / Help I can stream with Twitch Studio beta, but i can not with OBS

    Hello. I have a strange problem. I can stream to Twitch with Twitch Studio beta software with no problem,but when i try with Obs, stream Labs, xsplit or diffrent software, it shows me this error "Cant connect to server. Check your Internet". I tried everything to make obs to work but no result...