1. jilliey

    SOLVED How to have audio come through OBS when using Video Capture Device.

    {Posting my reply to someone having the issue of audio not coming through OBS here so it is easier for others to find.} My reasoning for figuring this out was because I wanted to use my laptop as a monitor for Nintendo Switch. OBS is most compatible with my Video Capture Card so I decided to use...
  2. G

    Screen Tearing with Nintendo Switch on Capture Card

    Basically title. Even when I’m not streaming or recording and just have the preview in full screen there’s noticeable screen tearing. Sometime it gets really bad, but goes back to just being kinda bad. any way I can fix this?
  3. S

    No sound from my Nintendo Switch on OBS

    Hello! I’m super new to all this so sorry in advance but I would really appreciate if someone helped! My Mac is from 2011 so I probably don’t have the most recent OBS installed, I’m trying to stream games from my Nintendo switch using an HDMI to USB video capture card (a cheap one may I add) i...