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    xbox to laptop

    hi, i will be getting a capture card to connect xbox s to laptop to use the laptop as a monitor for playing downloaded games only, no recording or multiplayer at this point.. the help page for this seems to be missing.. do i choose options for virtual camera in the setup? ie auto config...
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    Export audio track on separate files

    Hi, I'm somewhat new to OBS. I've used it a lot back in 2019 but I had to move, and my pc was in storage for a while, so now I'm back and using obs, I want to know if there is a setting or plugin, so I can get to have my mic's audio exported separately from the main video. (Sorry if I'm getting...
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    Difficult Question, OBS macbook and windows10

    Hey everyone! I'm new to OBS and streaming as a whole. I have a webcam and a headset however I am having difficulty setting up both to just my windows 10 to Display Capture. Game Capturing is quite boring without adding some sort of discussion. Not sure if this is possible but is there anyway...
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    Game Capture not working (Black Screen and my games dont load correctly or they crash)

    I have been trying to get game capture to work for the past hour and all I get is a black screen and constent crashing of my games. I have tried all three different options on how it records like fullscreen, certain window, and etc. I don't see how its not working I have tried multiple fix's I...
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    Help a brother out!!!

    i just started using obs and i plan to record some gameplay on a capture card but the initial screen just changed and i got these bars everywhere and can't place anything back in place as original. The screen is divided in two parts as preview and program and to be honest i have no idea of what...
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    Dynamic Bitrate

    Hello guys, just wanna ask how to enable the dynamic bitrate? It's currently not be changed and it's on a default setting. Please help.
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    Question / Help Setting up to use with Vipkids

    Anyone have any experience on setting up to use with vipkids? Tried to run auto configure but don't know where to stream to. Any help would be appreciated!