1. P

    Using Nested Scene for Audio sounds great for me but can't be heard by stream.

    Hi! I saw a youtube video teaching you how to use a nested scene for your audio and I thought that looked dope! It's called "5 ADVANCED Features You SHOULD Be Using in OBS Studio" by Gaming Careers if you're curious. I followed the instructions and everything looked great in OBS. The mixer bars...
  2. GrumpyDog

    OBS Lua Source Search Helper 1.0

    A Simple tool to help you find the location of a Source. Have you ever looked for a specific source nested somewhere in a scene? Have you ever looked for a specific filter applied on some source nested somewhere in a scene? This tool can help. Search by: Source Name Source Type Filter...
  3. R

    Adobe's shy-like feature for OBS? Use it to hide nested scene/source.

    For more organizable and not confusing interface, a feature like this would be appreciated by stream operator assistant. I am not the assistant, but hell I created a lot of complex OBS scenes that could confuse my assistant. It's for the good!