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    Question / Help OBS NDI stream stuttering.

    So I recently got my laptop fixed which has a i5 4200U and I am using it with NDI so i can use it as a streaming pc. Before when I wasn't using NDI on the same laptop I could even do a 10k bitrate stream but since I have connected it with NDI the output bitrate stays around 1k or 2k and...
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    Question / Help OBS NDI Frame Rate Progressive Slow Issue

    Hello! I recently was able to make a second dedicated Gaming PC and have been using the OBS NDI Plugin to stream between my gaming PC and streaming PC. Unfortunately, I've recently started experiencing a strange issue where everything is fine on the Gaming PC side (no frame drops, or messages...
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    Question / Help Ndi Video is lagy please help urgent

    I have 2 pc setup. Gaming machine specs I7 7thgen 32 gb ram 1080nvidea 500gb ssd Streaming machine Fx8360 8core 8thread 16gb ram 1650 nvidea 500 gb ssd When ever I play on my first pc I send a signal through ndi to second one .i dont have a capture card my video souce look very nice .. but...
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    Question / Help Getting rendering lag using NDI when recording/streaming

    Hi, I am trying to use NDI to stream my gameplay for recording/streaming to a secondary PC on my network. I am getting a shit ton of rendering lag on OBS on my gaming pc. There is no encoding lag from what i can see. This is my setup and how i connect the devices. Game PC: Motherboard...
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    Question / Help setup luncher pause please help

    hello when im trying to open the setup luncher im pausing for me please help thx.
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    Bug Report obs-ndi - NewTek NDI™ integration into OBS Studio 4.6.0

    hello im trying to download NDI and when i downloading that its just pause please help me thx <3
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    Question / Help OBS NDI doesn't look so smooth

    I've been messing around with a dual pc stream setup recently because I would like the maximum performance out of my gaming pc. I first tried using the Avermedia LGHD 2 but I couldn't seem to get both my desktop and microphone audio to transfer over to my streaming pc simultaneously so I decided...
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    Question / Help OBS NDI Streaming PC lag

    So today i setup everything to stream using NDI and i am getting fps lag like its running on 20fps or near something on my streaming laptop without starting the streaming its lagging on the preview screen and on my gaming pc everything is fine the gameplay is very smooth. My specs Gaming pc...