1. F

    Help with audio on two streams

    Hello, I hope you all are great! I guess I have some kind of peculiar scenario here... I want to have two streams from the same computer. I have two monitors. I'll explain with a simple example: In one monitor I am watching a tutorial and on the other there's a conference. They both have their...
  2. g1sutra

    Multistream by Streamway 1.0

    Easily Go Live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn and many more social media platforms and multiple channels from within OBS. Combines Functionality of multi-rtmp plugin and Restream like web dashboard for Easy Broadcast scheduling and management. use web dashboard to schedule...
  3. lexbold

    Multistreaming with seperated Chats

    Hey fella Streamers. Iam currently using Streamlabs, but i have used Obs before. The issue iam running into right now is that iam not allowed to Multistream with collected Chats from several Platforms because of the Twitch Affiliate Programm. So my question is: Is Obs capable of...