1. StreamerOne

    is it possible to have different overlays over different streaming channels?

    Hello guys! I am looking for some information and support. Is there a way to have one specific overlay for (tip cup, follows, subs, raids, etc.) but that those won't be appearing on Facebook or elsewhere? I have my own multichannel streaming solution so this is bugging me a lot.
  2. K

    16 audio channel streaming

    I'm able to stream 7.1 audio channels on Twitch. I can see there's an option for 16 channels but don't know a server/player that can decode that from OBS. Is there one compatible for 16 channels?
  3. E

    Question / Help 16 audio channels stream

    Hi! I want to stream up to 16 channels by OBS to my own platform. Is there some way to do it? I´ve tried some plugins but it doestn´t work. Thank you!
  4. angelofarina

    Question / Help recording 32 audio channels

    I have got an Eigenmike 32, a nice microphone array equipped with 32 studio-grade Sennheiser capsules mounted in an 8cm-diameter spherical body. It is great for recording High Order Ambisonics (HOA) and Spatial PCM Sampling (SPS). I have also got a Ricoh Theta V camera, which can stream an...