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    How to select audio inputs?

    I have been experiencing inconsistent operation with OBS and my MOTU M4 for months. In the past, OBS would only allow me to use inputs 1 and 2, inputs 3 and 4 were always completely disregarded by the application. There is no way to select any inputs, just which interface, and it would always...
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    How to select specific audio inputs in OBS with MOTU M4

    I am trying to record a video with OBS using 3 channels of audio into my MOTU M4. For some reason, OBS only lets me select the interface I want to use for audio input, but not which inputs on that interface. In the past when trying to use my M4 with OBS, I was only ever able to use inputs 1 and...
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    FIX Crackling, Popping Chirping Sound IF Motu M2 M4 USB Audio Interface

    I found I needed to changed the buffer size on my Motu M4 Audio Interface (windows service), from DEFAULT 256 Buffer Size to 64, otherwise I had bad audio from Voicemod, pulling from UBS interface, into OBS. Although this tip is buried in other posts, I'm putting this here to make it easy to find.
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    Question / Help I have a question for Audio Output Capture function of OBS on Mac OS.

    Hi I have a question for using OBS on Mac OS(Mojave 10.14). I had tried to make some videos and live streaming with OBS & MOTU Ultralite-AVB(Audio Interface), but I got a problem of Audio Output Capture function on Mac OS. There is no problem of Audio Output Capture function in Windows, but...
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    Question / Help How to use Motu HDX-SDI (PCI Express-card) with OBS Studio.

    I am trying to use a Motu HDX-SDI (PCI Express-card version) with OBS and I can get the Audio to come come through but the video capture does not even show up in the OBS. I can get video to come through in Adobe Premier Pro 5.5 but no audio, so I know I have the right drivers installed.