1. Tpal

    simplyGray | Dark theme with customizable highlight color 1.3.2

    simplyGray key points: space efficiency customizability Make it yours! just set your preferred color. Examples: SimplyGray 1.3.2 for OBS 30+ Variables: highlight | background color active on: statechange -> like start streaming highlightedText | text color: active -> if highlight is...
  2. F

    Game Capture NOT working - Need help

    Hi Guys and Girls , I am starting to loose my patience with OBS - I have uninstalled Done a full Windows format Still my Game Capture wont capture my games - Specifically Modern Warfare and Escape From Tarkov. Its annoying as hell as i have to use display capture which obviously has a...
  3. TDefton

    Free Launchpad OBS 1.0.0

    Description For the longest time I have been looking for an alternative to the Elgato streamdeck. I wasn't really able to find a good one, but I had this launchpad for a while. I make music as a hobby and when I'm not doing that, my launchpad was just sitting there. I searched online for...