mic monitoring

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    'Monitor Audio' Function not Working

    The 'monitor' part of 'monitor and output' in OBS is doing absolutely nothing for any of my audio-producing sources. I've been trouble shooting to no avail. Uninstalling things, reinstalling things. Rebooting. I have updated my copy of OBS to the latest version, updated my audio drivers, updated...
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    Trouble with 4 mics into 1 audio clip

    We use the Tascam 4X4 to plug in our mics to OBS. Right now it's comes out under 1 audio file and we can't seem to get it to record into multiple files to make editing easier. Does anything know how to do this?
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    Can't hear mic audio in recordings

    I've got my HyperX Quadcast S in the audio mixer, separated from my desktop and spotify audio. I've got the mic set to the 2nd track, and have ticked the box under the recording settings. The audio seems to be coming through fine, with the green bar thing moving when I speak. When I playback...
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    Getting Audio Echo from Mic Monitoring

    There doesn't seem to be any way for me to set up microphone monitoring without getting echo in OBS. If I use the built-in Windows Sounds mic monitoring I get an echo because OBS gets my voice from my mic and also from "Desktop Audio". If I use the OBS mic monitoring setting in Advanced Audio...