1. FiniteSingularity

    Advanced Masks 1.1.0

    OBS Advanced Masks Enhance your OBS Studio masking capabilities with advanced masking filters. Introduction OBS Advanced Masks is an open-source project designed to expand the masking functionalities within OBS Studio. This plug-in provides filters for users to create intricate and...
  2. saltyd

    Using Image Masking To Show Unmatched Content

    I have a piece of video content that will change from one state to another (a poker card in a video. Changes from the back of the card, which is always the same, to the front, which is always different). Using image masking (alpha-color) is exactly what I "want" to happen. I've made an image of...
  3. S

    OBS tutorial (video + written): chromakey greenscreen, but applied only on a specific part or region

    Hi! This 6 minute tutorial will explain in depth (and from scratch) how to configure an OBS greenscreen scene setup, such that the greenscreen is only applied to certain preselected regions of the image. See: (not monetized) The whole thing explained...
  4. T

    2 Feeds from Same Source - Manipulate Each Differently?

    I'm trying to use the same video feed (coming from a Canon camera into an Elgato Cam Link) where I can add the source again to a different scene but also apply a video mask to it to change the shape of the video feed. Every time I try to do this, it adds the mask to the other instances in all...
  5. donnaken15

    Using a (Window/Game/Display) Capture as an Image Mask for Other Sources?

    So, say you have a game with this type of overlay with the background meaning to be transparent: (just as an example) and the game or whatever program maybe also projects a screen that looks like this: and this grayscale+alpha output can act as an alpha mask for the first output, so the...