macbook pro m1

  1. O

    OBS Studio, Digital Webcam, Piano, Zoom and Headaches on MacBook Pro M1 (late 2021)

    I have been using OBS Studio on my Lenovo Thinkpad for a while now and am fairly comfortable with it when using with Zoom, Google Meet, etc using an external camera and ivCam. But I am now trying to help my daughter, who has visual impairments from a TBI, use Zoom to stream video for her piano...
  2. supremeniky

    Elgato HD60S+ Freeze Macbook Pro M1

    i bought the macbook pro with the m1 chip and the elgato hd60s+ they looked working fine but sometimes the elgato freeze on a frame and i have to unplug and plug it again to fix the problem... it’s quite frustrating because i’m a streamer and i’m not constantly keeping attention on the...