mac crash

  1. J

    OBS Studio 30.1 crashes on Mac OS when removing a source from a scene

    Issue: I noticed that OBS Studio 30.1 crashes consistently on Mac OS when removing a source from a scene, and prompts a report to MAC. This happens with both macOS Sonoma 14.3 and 14.4. Workaround: In case it is helpful for others, the work around is the following: The behavior is not...
  2. H

    OBS Studio Crashing on Startup via Mac Pro

    Anytime I open OBS Studio it'll just give me an error message saying it crashed. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times, but doesn't seem to work. I am just using OBS Studio to capture my screen while my PC laptop is streaming the content. Thanks for your help! This is the error...
  3. SnewoNL

    OBS Repeatedly crashes

    OBS Repeatedly crashes on the mac and I do not know why. Deleting the scenes folder doesn't work for me, it keeps crashing. Log is in attachments. If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks in advance.