lua script

  1. A

    Lua Script for automation[recording] not working

    I have written a small Lua script to record a few files with a predefined duration (these are mock durations). The script is only recording 7 files and these recordings are not of predefined duration. First and second file records fine then everything is a mess. Please help. Im on Windows 11 and...
  2. JonathanC09

    Ayuda Script personalizados

    [En] Hello forum people. I'm trying to create a custom script for obs, using gtp chat. But it always gives mistakes. What I'm looking for is for a font to change whether a font is visible or not depending on the day of the week. If anyone can guide me or help me in any way I would appreciate...
  3. O

    How to create LocalScript (Roblox Studio) that remotely controls OBS through the internet? (or other)

    I know I posted in the wrong forum, but I can't reply on any other forums for now. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows about Roblox Studio since I can't reply on the ROBLOX Developer Forums since it won't let me sign up. But can someone tell me how to make a part that has a ClickDetector and...
  4. iixisii

    OBS Lua HIDE 2 SHOW 4.2.0

    Hide 2 Show Simplify OBS visibility for streaming and recording. Enhance your content effortlessly!
  5. iixisii

    HIDE & SHOW 4.0.0 ( COMING OUT SOON! )

    This is a thread, for hide and show new version release! LET ME KNOW WHAT FEATURES YOU GUYS WANT I'll do my best to implement them in the next release. With this release you will have to work a lot with typing and things ... NO UI it's kinda hard to work with UI, in OBS. That is why this next...
  6. T

    Video is not displayed immediately when the source becomes visible

    I wrote a script that hides an image and shows a video. local obs = obslua local SourceVideo = obs.obs_get_source_by_name("Video") local SourceImage = obs.obs_get_source_by_name("Image") local Scene = obs.obs_scene_from_source(obs.obs_frontend_get_current_scene()) local SceneItemVideo =...
  7. danieleambrosino

    Weird behavior in scheduling callback from script_load

    I've written a stupid-simple Lua script to automate scene switching pseudo-randomly for a live streaming, and I ran into some bizarre behavior. This function schedules the callback for the next scene switch: local function schedule_next_switch() obslua.timer_remove(switch_scene) local...
  8. YorVeX

    Lua filter: OBS_SOURCE_TYPE_FILTER + OBS_SOURCE_ASYNC_VIDEO but filter_video is never called

    Am I doing anything wrong? obs = obslua function script_description() return [[Test Async filter_video A test filter to show that filter_video is never called.]] end source_info = {} = 'test-async-filter_video' source_info.type = obs.OBS_SOURCE_TYPE_FILTER...
  9. KGeetings

    Help with modifying Instant Replay Lua Script to incorporate Source Record

    Hello, I want to first state that I am still fairly new to programming in Lua, and am definitely looking for help and suggestions for my code. So I have taken the Instant Replay script made by Jim and Exeldro, and have attempted to modify it. What I want to be able to do is use the multiple...