lua script

  1. T

    Video is not displayed immediately when the source becomes visible

    I wrote a script that hides an image and shows a video. local obs = obslua local SourceVideo = obs.obs_get_source_by_name("Video") local SourceImage = obs.obs_get_source_by_name("Image") local Scene = obs.obs_scene_from_source(obs.obs_frontend_get_current_scene()) local SceneItemVideo =...
  2. danieleambrosino

    Weird behavior in scheduling callback from script_load

    I've written a stupid-simple Lua script to automate scene switching pseudo-randomly for a live streaming, and I ran into some bizarre behavior. This function schedules the callback for the next scene switch: local function schedule_next_switch() obslua.timer_remove(switch_scene) local...
  3. YorVeX

    Lua filter: OBS_SOURCE_TYPE_FILTER + OBS_SOURCE_ASYNC_VIDEO but filter_video is never called

    Am I doing anything wrong? obs = obslua function script_description() return [[Test Async filter_video A test filter to show that filter_video is never called.]] end source_info = {} = 'test-async-filter_video' source_info.type = obs.OBS_SOURCE_TYPE_FILTER...
  4. KGeetings

    Help with modifying Instant Replay Lua Script to incorporate Source Record

    Hello, I want to first state that I am still fairly new to programming in Lua, and am definitely looking for help and suggestions for my code. So I have taken the Instant Replay script made by Jim and Exeldro, and have attempted to modify it. What I want to be able to do is use the multiple...
  5. iisxiao


    (Hide N Show) With this script, it will give you the power of hiding/showing object sources. No need for doing that yourself anymore. Quick links: Hide N Show N/A Download Hide N Show Video Tutorial Download Hide N Show 3 Video Tutorial Download Hide N Show 2 Video...