1. brayncostanich

    Loupedeck support with v28 beta on Mac M1

    helllloooo lovely OBS folks! I've recently got a loupedeck/razer streamy controller thingy and it's very nice. big upgrade from my little stream deck 2x3. however, i can't seem to get it to work with OBS v28. It always says "OBS is not running." I'm on an M1 Macbook Pro, and the non betas...
  2. justedit

    Control OBS Studio with Loupedeck Live and switch sources inside a scene

    Here is a small video showing how OBS can be remote controlled with a Loupedeck Live to switch between sources inside a scene (and more things : lower thirds, DSK...) OBS Studio 27.1 Loupedeck Live OBS Plugins used : - OBS Websocket - Animated Lower Thirds with Dockable Control Panel -...