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    Massive frame drops ''Real help needed.''

    https://obsproject.com/logs/Euxnu0Y6zB9GAxRq Here's my latest Log file ^ . Dont know if that helps looking for the problem. I have been streaming for months now.. and it always worked fine , some minor drops now and then but easily fixed. Since Juli 1st all ive been experiencing is massive...
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    Sound ruins after running OBS on Mac

    Good Evening, I have an iMac (HighSierra) and a Bose NC 700 headset connected. Just installed Black Hole to let OBS simultaneously capture computer music and my speaking on the mic. It works quite well. Problem is each time I start OBS it just ruins the quality of music, physically switching...
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    Question / Help FPS Lag/loss my OBS record/stream under 60fps

    Hello people a few months ago OBS studio made me a huge problem it was the following during the filming of one of my clips I saw on my second monitor that OBS did not shoot the video in 60fps and it ranges between 15 to 37 - 40 which is accordingly very unsatisfactory and I have been making big...