1. T

    Left shift and left control keybind issues.

    so. how do i unbind a key that says it's not bound but when you check it in the hotkeys it says its bound to every single action in the program? its the left shift and left control on my keyboard. whenever I hit them it turns off all my sources and sends me to a random scene.
  2. Rivulet62

    Use keybinds not on normal keyboard?

    I have an extra set of keys not found on a regular keyboard, is there a way to use them with OBS? The keybinds menu doesn't seem to let me use them.
  3. R

    Hotkeys not working

    Hello, my binds for mute sound not working. Only way I can mute microphone is through Logitech ghub using app connection and setup binds in keyboard. Its ok but I have several sounds to mute by sound split plugin and Ghub only support mic and system sounds mute/unmute. In obs my binds like...
  4. Dorblox

    Intro keybind

    so right now I have an intro and I put it into obs and I was wondering how do you set key binds for intros? because I don't wanna go into obs and do the intro