jim help me please

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    Bug Report OBS Help

    So When i Record Minecraft videos well i tire too MY Minecraft wont lag ITs the OBs when i record and watch the video It been doing this last night I want to just record good videos With OBS OBS Logs https://pastebin.com/DyEehEwp Please help
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    Question / Help help me please !

    Hi, I'm edge, I'm an overwatch streamer, kind of new around OBS forums, but decided to join here from watching OBS posts a while back. Anyway, my question is... Now, on OBS Studio, I use the NVENC encoder with a 5500-6000 bitrate mainly all the time, with a preset of low latency high quality...
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    Question / Help <SOLVED> Some new, different bug of OBS, came from nowhere?

    Hi, i'm usually streaming 1080p 60fps via NVENC with 6000 bitrate, but last weeks i struggle with some new bug, idk how to tell, just because i can't find any info about this issue in the Google, so, what i have: OBS starts eating CPU with time, always increasing "average time of the frame...