1. R

    OBS gets the MacBook screen's resolution wrong. How do I solve this?

    With the 2023 M2 Pro chip Macbook Pro, the built-in retina display resolution appears as 1512x982 @ -1512.98 in the screen recording options. Whereas the screen resolution of retina display is 3024x1964. It shows the resolution of the 1080p 2nd screen I connected via HDMI correctly in the...
  2. berriescups

    display keeps getting laggy

    when im playing a game through my computer it runs smoothly, but once i go back to the recording it gets laggy or sometimes frames are dropped. i never had this issue. Before it would run smoothly and then out of a sudden it happened. Im not sure what to do but also in-game when i move quickly...
  3. M

    I can't stream but I can record

    So I tried deleting plugin for OBS and I might deleted an important file or something, bcs the streaming worked for me just fine yesterday. logs below help pls :'( https://obsproject.com/logs/F0hBNBwXfb4fIF26