ipad air

  1. C

    unable to display 4k in OBS

    I saw some video on youtube that allows you to connect with USBC to PC and then input 4k 3840x2160. Somehow I do not see hat option even after setting it in Custom in settings
  2. M

    OBS cant capture ipad

    hello everyone, I recently bought an Elgato capture card (HD60 S+) and wanted to stream it on OBS. whenever I tried to connect the capture card to my pc and to my iPad, it sometimes display the output, sometimes it doesnt. the attach file it the log when it does output my ipad
  3. Phil McCrackin

    Record from iPad air

    I just bought a MacBook Air. Im attempting to record from my iPad Air with OBS on the MacBook. Took forever but it finally saw my iPad using the video capture device function. I was thinking sound should come through automatically. Im new to the program so no doubt I’m missing something. I...