1. C

    New to OBS, rx5700 & 3900x, what kind of settings should I use? Video is stuttery?

    Hi there! I have a new build PC, nothing spectacular but quite capable for most consumer tasks, I have an rx5700 and Ryzen 9 3900x, I have tried several settings in OBS while trying to record War Thunder just as a test and the best outcome I got was where the initial recording, whilst I was in...
  2. S

    Silent install is not working with 64bit .exe installers

    Hello. I was trying to prepare SCCM package to silently install OBS-studio, and found out that 64bit .exe installer is not working. While testing older versions, i managed to silently install "OBS-Studio-27.2.4-Full-Installer-x86.exe" version, but not 64 bit version...
  3. C

    Trying to install OBS and getting error message everytime

    every time I've tried to install I'm met with the same error message that makes no sense. "OBS files are being used by the following application: Microsoft Edge Please close these applications and to continue setup" I literally don't use microsoft edge nor is it open on my PC. I've tried...
  4. M

    WebSockets not working, not showing in tools, installing but not showing up

    Hey all, I'm having an issue with getting the up-to-date WebSockets to install and run properly. I've looked up so many resources and tutorials but nothing is working. I do not have the option in the tools setting to configure the WebSockets so I tried to do the basic Windows installer for...
  5. W

    Question / Help Crash after install. Unhandled exception: c0000005

    Hi! I just installed OBS because I had read that it could help me stream Twitch from Android with both mic and internal audio, but after installing I was met with and error message simply saying that the program had crashed. I pulled this from the log, and what I noticed directly is that the...
  6. Frank Jansons

    Question / Help Is it possible to install obs on Xbox

    On hardware.Info ( I read that Xbox comes with a very powerful new version. Therefore I would like to investigate if it is possible to install obs on this powerful piece of hardware. Is there...
  7. D

    Question / Help Windows 10 error

    How i can install OBS on my laptop? What i need to do to fix that problem?
  8. W

    Question / Help Installing v22

    Hello, When I try to install the new version, I get this: I currently have v21.1.0 (64bit) installed, on Windows 10.
  9. E

    Question / Help Error al Instalar OBS

    Cuando intento Instalar OBS me da un aviso de que faltan vcredits 2017 x86 y x64 (Tengo Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bits) pero ya tengo todos los vcredist instalados los desistale y los volvi a instalar y nada me sigue dando ese aviso. ¿Que hago para solucionarlo?
  10. LovingMyFlicks

    Question / Help Intel Realsense fails installation

    So while I was downloading OBS for Windows an attempt was made to install Realsense but failed to install. I am wondering if anyone else had this problem and if there is a workaround?