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    push to talk in game dont work sometimes

    Hi, I have a problem that when I am in the game and I have the button speaking set, it works sometimes, most often it did not work when I performed some actions such as: in Dead by Daylight when running, making a generator. I have no idea why this is happening before, everything worked as it...
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    Problème micro enregistrement/stream|Microphone recording/stream problem

    Bonjour, j'ai un gros problème avec OBS que j'enregistre ou stream c'est exactement le même souci : quand je suis sur mon bureau ou sur internet mon micro est bien capturé je le vois dans le mélangeur audio), quand je lance mon jeu et que je suis dans les menu de celui-ci (donc menu démarrage et...
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    Question / Help CPU and GPU usage both less than 60% but reduced in game performance! Why?? Oo

    so, here's the thing, i'm streaming for some time now and i really enjoyed it so i decided to buy the new 2700x for streaming and it's just a dream come true, i've never seen cpu usage above 60% and i really am a multi tasker. But, last night i tried to use FaceRig on my channel just to create a...
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    Question / Help OBS DX7-8-9 Windows Obs Studio causes FPS instability

    Hello. I am speedrunning Harry Potter 2 for the PC and for the last 2-3 months i have been experienceing weird fps instability when using OBS, i was wodering if this was know or if yall know of a setting i might screwed up or something else helpful. Thank you