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    Question / Help 720p60fps Stream is blurry in all aspect on i9-9900k + RTX 2070 Super

    I'm trying to optimize my streams since one month so there's a lot of try hard I finally gave up and asking community forum for help. When I'm standing some where its okey but if I start moving its goes blur like MINECRAFT. A complete pixellation. I have a pretty decent rig for streaming. I play...
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    Question / Help Ingame no lag but in video, lot of lags

    Hello, I want to record my screen with obs, in the game (fortnite), I have no lag, but when I watch the video, it's lagging. Can you help with my settings? CPU : i9-9900k GPU : GTX 1050 2go RAM : 16go Output: Advanced, Recording: Recording format: mp4 Encoder: Nvenc H.264 Rate Control: CBR...