1. farhanjawad

    Websocket documentation

    Hello, I'm new in OBS Studio. I want to use websocketplugin. But I can't understand how to lauch it in my device. I use Windows10, with an 8 GB Ram.
  2. M

    Question / Help Use b\w or alpha video (not image) to combine two another videos

    I know you can use image as mask. But I would like to use animation as mask. And I don't know how to set this up with current tool set. Do I miss something? I have this video, I can have it b\w or white + alpha I want so black was mediaA and white was mediaB Like here but animated mask

    Question / Help How can I SAVE settings/scenes/sessions with out rebuilding EVERYTIME?

    I want to save my settings/scenes before closing and powering down my macbook pro. Each time I open the OBS I have to start from ground zero to build my live stream settings/scenes each time... which seems like an eternity because my stream is very complex. I can't seem to find the SAVE...