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    Camera not showing in OBS

    Hello guys, so i just moved out and finally got to put my setup nicely. I've been used to stream with a hdmi video capture and a Lumix G7 for my camera. But since yesterday (and it has never happened to me before) , i just have nothing showing up in the properties window when i try to add my...
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    Question / Help OBS slightly zooming in

    So I've tried numerous ways to fix this however my videos and streams keep on zooming in just a little bit. Please help my dudes This is a video of what its doing during my stream. as you can see everything is zoomed in a lil bit even the browser
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    Question / Help Scaling causes pixelated overlays

    So I made a new overlay recently and I saw that the overlay was HIGHLY pixelated. Taking into consideration I fixed the overlays resolution and nothing happened. Next I went ENABLED hardware acceleration in Chrome again and the picture was slightly better (Firefox was ok Opera was not). Next i...
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    Question / Help Problem with Game capture!

    I have recently noticed this problem when I want to record Fortnite. The game capture will not fit to the window and when i try to use the ctrl+f feature it does not work either.