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  1. M

    OBS Crashing when I set NVIDIA NVENC H.264 as the encoder on source recording filter

    Only happens when I switch the encoder to NVIDIA NVENC H.264 on the source recording filter. Right now I have the filter set up to record my game and my phone camera and they both work fine whenever recording with x264 but I recently upgraded my graphics card to the 4090 and want to utilize its...
  2. C

    Error al conectar la transmision en vivo con placa nvidia gt 710 - Error connecting live streaming with nvidia gt 710 board

    desde hace casi dos meses que se actualizo obs y windows luego los controladores de la placa NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 me sale la siguiente imagen el obs studio
  3. ItzayHR

    Crash when i open OBS 28.1.2

    Nothing can be done at all. The moment I open OBS I get an error.
  4. B

    OBS freezes after trying to add a new video capture device.

    I have tried on the discord server, but I want to try here too. But, when I try to add a new video capture device, after naming and pressing ok to the next step of the selection screen, obs freezes. The video workspace still works however, it will not respond and will be permanently stuck on...
  5. V

    OBS disconnects randomly after a period of time & reconnects again without streaming sound

    Hello Ladys and Gentlemen Can you help fix the following issue: Im currently streaming with OBS (26.1.1) on Twitch and Iam encountering random streaming discconnects and reconnects after various period of times. It reconnects automatically and no sound is streamed after that. My system has...
  6. V

    Mam problem z czarnym Ekranem

  7. V

    Streamlabs OBS an error occured with your output on hardware nvenc (new) and old...

    Ever since I got my new pc with 2070 super i7-9700k 32gb ram, etc... I've had this problem where every time I try to go live it auto crashes and keeps telling me the same message An error occurred with the output: Please check your streaming and recording settings. I attached a file that shows...
  8. Hiroman_

    Hello, i have problem with capture the screen i have black screen

    Hello, Can someone help with it, its very annoying
  9. K

    Screen sharing

    I cannot share the screen :( https://obsproject.com/logs/Eub2fCVWW3DRPz4t
  10. N

    why the obs went black screen after i try to update it goes error problem

    Hi im still new about it, since i download obs is on January 2020. Everything is fine until today obs release a new update again so i updated the obs and then it went error it's like cannot be updated, become black screen it cannot capture all kinds of sources. so i tried to check on the...