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    Help! everytime i stream within at most an hour my game audio stops.

    hello, can anyone help with this issue i am having, when i am streaming part way through my stream my elgato capture card stops picking up game audio. i have an elgato capture HD60S+ and im using OBS studio. even when i am testing it (not streaming), it seems to stop after 20 mins. i am...
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    Question / Help Auto Stopped Recordings

    Hello! I need help with my OBS ASAP! My recordings keep stopping at 30 seconds, automatically, and I don't know what to even do about this situation. Many people have told me to use another recording software, but I love OBS and so I need you guys to help me fix this! Thank you.
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    Question / Help OBS not recording at 60fps even with a frame rate cap on most of my games!

    Hi! I've been having this issue recently with OBS where right when I hit the record or stream button and start capturing game play my captured frames drop from 60 to sometimes at the lowest 20 and it just bounces all over between those two on basically all my games. And sometimes even capping...
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    Question / Help My OBS Keeps on crashing after 3 to 10 when im recording

    Error: Texture->Map failed: 0x887a0005 0x887a0007 Your video card or driver froze and was reset. Please check for possible hardware/driver issues. This error can also occur if you have enabled OpenCL in x264 custom settings. That's the message I get and I can't find a solution. This is the...
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    Question / Help Im having Multiple issues with OBS

    When I record, I get REALLY Crappy video quality and its all slow and crap. Im not sure if its the software itself or my Computer. Also, whenever i record, the recordings go to the Movies folder according to the software but whenever I go to the movie folder, there are no recordings of OBS. I...
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    Question / Help High Stream Choppiness/Frame Drops

    My specs: I5 8600k (overclocked to 4.4ghz) 1x8 gb gskill ripjaws V ram (oc'd to 3000) MSI gtx 1050ti 4gb MSI z370a pro Cooler master lite 120 water cooling I also have 3 case fans. My current streaming settings: 1280x720 60 fps 9000 bitrate (my upload is 12-15 Mbps) Encoder preset: very fast...
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    Question / Help I have been having this issue for a while now and can't find a way to fix it. (with video proof)

    So recently I haven't been able to upload to my channel because OBS is doing something with the audio. It cuts in and out like I have a push to talk and am just spamming the hotkey for it. I have checked and reinstalled OBS a couple of times and it hasn't fixed. Here is the video proof...
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    Question / Help error can not record

    I do not have the ability to keep myself as a bug: and I do not know how to solve this can someone help me? OBS:I already updated the drivers