1. robeyworks

    Heavy lag in OBS but not in-game

    Hey there, tried to stream FFXIV recently and OBS began lagging really badly. FPS in-game with OBS open is somewhere around 90-100, but in OBS its actually showing something closer to 5-15. Tried recording and the framerate was even lower than what was being displayed in the OBS preview, it...
  2. B

    Question / Help Skipped Frames Due to encoding

    so when ever I am streaming Rainbow six siege for example I have 5% to 10% encoding lag and I upgraded my hardware because of these issues I had an I5-8400 then I up graded to a I7-9700 thinking that would fix it but it didn't then it still says I have high encoding lag even though I am using at...
  3. W

    Question / Help Game Capture not working

    Yes, another thread on this. Believe me, I have read about 50 trying to solve my issue now. Before you ask, I am running OBS in administrator mode. I am also running steam in administrator mode. Anti-cheat is on. I absolutely cannot solve this issue, please help. The log is attached: