heavy cpu

  1. zfleeman

    Question / Help Ryzen 2700X High CPU, 144hz Dual PC Streaming, Headaches...

    Here is the log file for my most recent recording test: https://pastebin.com/nw8ywBNM I have been slowly building a second PC for streaming. I have a nice gaming rig with two 144hz monitors, and I wanted to be able to stream new/nicer looking games that are running on my PC with a second...
  2. RahulVignesh03

    Question / Help Heavy CPU Usage in Windows Server 2019 Datacentre which has Dedicated GPU

    Hey! We’re Running a VPS server with windows server 2019 Datacentre.We have also installed a dedicated elastic gpu from amazon to support heavy processing.But still OBS uses up to 95% of cpu and seems to be very laggy! We only use limited sources.