hd60s plus

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    Can someone please help me remove the HD60S+ Game Audio echoing

    At first I thought the echo was caused by the game audio being picked up from the mic but this is not the case as I have removed the mic input in OBS. Here's a recording where you can hear the game audio echoing: I have checked online for ways to fix it but all I can see is HD60 S solutions...
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    Elgato HD60s+ strange issue

    (I didnt know where to put this, if there is an elgato forum please let me know) I am having a strange error with my new capture card: it works perfectly until I plug it into my TV and then the lights on the card flash red and the source in OBS goes black (the TV gets no signal as well). The...
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    OBS Link is not detecting/recognizing Elgato HD60s+

    My Elgato HD60s+ is not being detected by OBS Link. It is being detected in OBS Studio itself but it's not being detected as an NDI in Streamlabs because OBS Link isn't detecting it. I've reinstalled OBS Link, the NDI plugin, OBS, SLOBS, everything is up to date but it's still not working.