gt 1030

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    Very laggy while leaving the window.

    Hello, why when i leave obs window and record, the fps lowers so much? I play Roblox and it runs perfectly fine at 60 fps. My System: Intel Core i3 Nvidia Geforce GT 1030 DDR4 6 GB RAM Windows 10 Pro Can somebody please tell me what is wrong and how to fix it?
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    Question / Help I am desperate for help..

    I would love someone to help me optimise OBS for streaming and recording csgo, as I am trying to figure it out since 2 weeks time.. What settings should I use for streaming and recording? AND how do I record csgo with 4:3 aspect ratio and streaming without the Black Bars on sides? My specs...
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    Question / Help Only software rendering with a GT 1030

    I used to use OBS with no problem, and then I upgraded my Quadro 600 to a GT 1030. I recently got OBS again after a period of not using it. I noticed very bad studdering, and High CPU usage. I checked my renderer, and it's software, which is the only option. I also tried using Bandicam, and...