1. C

    Setting are greyed out

    I cant change my output settings. As you can see, I am not streaming, I am not recording or anything. How do I edit settings and make it not greyed
  2. B

    OBS settings Greyed Out

    So I want to change what format OBS is recording in but the option is greyed out. Did some prior research and no sources are active that wouldn't be on first OBS opening. Nothing is streaming or Recording I have no clue what an NDI is but looked it up and nothing like that either. Have...
  3. arminolat

    Washed/Grayed Out Colors

    Hello! I've been using OBS for years to record gameplay. I don't use it for streaming and I've never changed any advanced settings in OBS. For some reason, videos that I create now are always dull, the colors look washed out. This happens in all games. I've attached a video below with the...