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    Make ppt presentation using a digital board on OBS

    Hello everybody! Could I record my classes using powerpoint presentation and a Wacom graphics tablet together? How do I do that? I'm a teacher and I need to learn how to use this feature. Thank youvery much.
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    Question / Help Obs makes graphics tablet stop working.

    Hey there, I have been using OBS fine for the past few months now with no issues. It seem out of nowhere that when I launch OBS or streamlabs OBS it causes my tablet to no longer track any pen movements. To my knowledge there has been nothing new downloaded or driver changes to cause this to...
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    Question / Help OBS Studio Freezing Wacom Graphics Monitor!?

    I'm running Windows 10 (creative update) on a custom Asus build. I'm an illustrator working full-time. Recently, over the past 8 or so months give or take, every time I begin to stream or record with OBS Studio my pen loses connection with my screen. My Wacom Cintiq freezes, as if OBS messes...