good obs settings

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    What should my settings for OBS be?

    My specs are: AMD RX580 8gb Intel I5-11400 8x2 gb of ram 240gb ssd 2tb sshd I record rainbow six siege (I want to have at least 144 fps when playing) and I am looking to start streaming soon. What should my recording/streaming settings be? For recording I am currently using: x264 Encoder...
  2. M

    Obs recording lagging

    Hello, I have the following specs : lenovo thinkpad core i7, intel hd graphics (5500), 20gb ram, the display resolution is 1600x900, windows 10 pro I launch minecraft and get 100+ fps but sometimes drops to 60-80 When I record obs, the game drops to 45, AND the recording comes out super...
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    Problem Fix with OBS (Bad Quality)

    Alright, I had this problem and I know a lot of other people have this problem that has the desire to create content, just like me. I'm not gonna waste any time, I'm going straight to the point. First, let me explain why OBS looks bad. So, it's your Bitrate. First of all, I'm going to link a...